Whit bissell

Welcome to Gamma Terra. Please place your seat tray up and fasten your safety harness across your tentacles/wings/claws/limbs!

Do androids dream of electric dwarves?

Do talking psychic rock people fear the bugbears creeping under their beds?

Who can say? Are these visions simply shockwaves of the Big Mistake? Who cares, there’s a motorcycle gang of talking pig people trying to kill you, and all you have is a lawn mower blade for a sword, a STOP sign for a shield, and the pack of Crayons you found is only worth a few rounds of ammunition.

What you do know for certain is that you’re going to heed the words of the Ancient recording of the Village People (obviously the words of wise village elders) and Go West:

There where the air is free
we’ll be what we want to be
Now if we make a stand
we’ll find our promised land

For west is where you will find Bunkerton (the Church of Meathead will tell you it’s named for their patron saint Archie of Bunker). A place of legend where you’ll find…well, who knows what you’ll find, but it’s go to be better than the giant land shark that is now following you.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Dreams of Bunkerton

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